Lab Safety Symbols

When you walk into any type of lab, safety symbols should be present. It doesn't matter if it is a middle school, college or university or a medical laboratory. Although many of the signs and symbols posted may seem redundant or even not necessary, they are there mainly to prevent accidents. When new to a lab, make sure you familiarize yourself with all of the symbols and signs posted.
Pink may be pretty, but also toxic when it is labeled as a biohazard.

Radiation can be harmful if exposed to large doses at a time.

It's important to know what items in a lab are flammable.

The symbol for poison is universal.

Irritants can be harmful to eyes, skin or even if inhaled.

It's imperative to properly label fire extinguishers.

Look for the "NOT" symbol to be prominently displayed.

It's good to know where all of the exits are located.

Due to many hazards, some areas are labeled as restricted.

You need to be able quickly shut off the lab's electricity.

Understanding how chemicals are labeled is necessary.

Some labs have areas where animals are tested.

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Lab Safety Symbols