Holiday Safety Photos

The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a time of many dangers for unwary individuals. For this reason, viewing holiday safety photos can help everyone identify and avoid potential hazards. From fire risks to food poisoning and broken glass to hypothermia, understanding the dangers of the holiday season is the first step toward celebrating in a fun, safe manner. Click on the photos for related information and tips to ensure a safe and happy holiday season.
Broken ornaments can cause severe cuts.

Tangled lights can become frayed or broken.

Wrap gifts carefully to avoid paper cuts.

Avoid overindulging with alcohol and always drink safely.

Monitor lit fireplaces carefully for fire hazards.

Install outdoor lights with appropriate safety breakers.

Don't indulge too much on sweets and other empty calories.

Lit candles are a fire hazard on a Christmas tree.

Poinsettias can be toxic to children and pets.

Take care to avoid identity theft when shopping online.

Store leftovers appropriately to avoid food poisoning.

Dress appropriately for winter weather for outdoor holiday fun.

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Holiday Safety Photos