HotStop Anti-Scald Faucet: Interview with Marcy Guterman

Install a safety device to prevent scalding injuries.

The HotStop anti-scald faucet is designed to help prevent scalding injuries in the bathroom. Recently, Marcy Guterman, the marketing director for American Valve, Inc., the company responsible for developing this product, took time out of her busy schedule to answer LoveToKnow's questions.

The HotStop Anti-Scald Faucet: Interview with Macy Guterman

LTK: The HotStop anti-scald faucet was developed as the result of an incident involving a young child who was fatally burned. Can you tell LTK readers about that?

A friend of our company lost his granddaughter in a bathtub scalding accident five days before her first birthday. Her grandmother was bathing her and stepped out of the bathroom briefly to get something in the other room. In the meantime, the little girl tried to pull herself up using the hot water handle. 128°F/53°C hot water rushed out of the faucet causing third-degree burns on her entire body. She was airlifted to Shriners Burn Hospital and died three days later. After hearing this tragic story, American Valve (manufacturer of HotStop) decided to make a product that would prevent this from happening again.

LTK: How common are scalding injuries for children?

Approximately 3,800 injuries and 34 deaths occur in the home every year from excessively hot tap water. Most hot tap water burns happen to children under the age of 5 and the elderly. Children under the age of five and older adults have thinner skin and can get burned at a much lower temperature than average adults. The suggested temperature of a bath for a young child is 100°F/38°C which is a cool bath temperature for an adult.

LTK: Are adults also at risk for being injured in this way?

Yes, people of all ages are at risk for being burned from hot tap water, but adults generally can tolerate warmer temperatures and have a faster reaction time. For instance, it takes only one minute for a young child to get 3rd degree burns in 125°F water. It takes an average adult twice as long to get that same burn. It takes only one second for a child under the age of five to receive third-degree burns from water that's 140°F or hotter.

LTK: How does the HotStop Anti-Scald faucet work?

When hot water reaches an unsafe temperature, HotStop quickly reduces the water flow to a trickle to avoid scalding. Once the water in the line cools, the flow re-starts automatically (usually in less than 30 seconds.)

Each HotStop product contains a Temperature Actuated Flow Reduction device, which is a thermostat designed to trigger at a pre-determined temperature. When the thermostat triggers, it engages a valve inside the device which reduces the water flow down to a trickle.

LTK: Where can consumer get more information or buy HotStop?

HotStop is currently available at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores, Menards Stores, and is part of True Value Hardware's national shower head assortment. If your local hardware store doesn't stock it, ask for it by name. We are also in discussions with other retail chains, plumbing wholesalers, and online outlets. For more information, email , visit our website or call 877.531.7470.

LTK: Is there anything else you would like to share with LTK readers about this product?

HotStop is the only product on the market today that protects your family from scalds without being prohibitively expensive. Thermostatic shower valves on the market are very expensive and installation requires tearing open the wall and a major bathroom renovation. We wanted to create something affordable that a homeowner or apartment dweller could easily install. HotStop not only provides the most cost-effective safety solution, but can be installed by almost anyone.

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HotStop Anti-Scald Faucet: Interview with Marcy Guterman