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It's important for all schools to have proper measures in place to ensure appropriate protection for students, faculty, and staff. Keeping up with best practices in school security can be expensive, but the risks… Keep reading »

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Today's media reports can leave you wondering, "How safe are schools?" and "What can parents, students, staff members, and teachers do to minimize dangers on campus?" School safety and research tips can help you find the answers and sense of security you're looking for.

Classroom Safety Information

Classrooms at every grade level have some similar and unique safety concerns to keep in mind. Simple things like school decoration safety can go a long way in preventing any accidents or injuries at school.

School Campus Safety and Security Practices

School safety advocates stand on both sides of safety debates like whether there's a need for campus security, if districts should keep security cameras out of classrooms, or if there should be cameras on school buses. As new research and resources become available, you may change your mind about which side you stand on. Common school campus security resources can be found in most school districts regardless of location or populations size.

School Safety Printables for Teachers and Kids

It's also important for teachers to include school safety lessons in their regular lesson plans so kids can learn to keep themselves safe. School safety materials can be free, fun, and useful at the same time.

Keeping Schools Safe

Each year, it seems as if new data is released regarding safety in schools. School safety research and tips can help you put a plan in a secure place regarding safety to and from school or decide what type of school is safest for your child. The more you know about safety practices and statistics at schools, the safer all children will be.

School Safety Research and Tips