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Article Highlight: Keep Security Cameras Out of School Classrooms

There are many pros and cons for having security cameras in a classroom setting. Because there are compelling arguments from both sides, including from teachers, parents, students, and administrators, this makes… Keep reading »

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You expect your children to be safe when you send them off to school each morning. As a parent, you rely on the teachers and school staff members to treat your children like one of their own. Nothing is more gut-wrenching than hearing about an incident in which your son or daughter was put in harm's way and you weren't there to protect them. How safe are our schools and what can parents, students, staff members and teachers do to minimize the amount and types of dangers that can happen while on campus?

About School Safety Research and Tips

Each year, it seems as if new data is released regarding safety in our schools. LoveToKnow's School Safety Research and Tips can help you put a plan in place regarding safety to and from school, bullies and even deciding what type of school is safest for your child. Some of the topics we will touch on include:

  • School bus behavior
  • Safety policies in private schools
  • Keeping safe while still having fun on school playgrounds
  • Zero tolerance policies in public schools
  • How to ensure your school is safe
  • Keeping safe while in the classroom

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LoveToKnow's School Safety Research and Tips isn't only used for schools that are on a campus; much of this information can be used if you home school too. Check back often for additional articles and information.

School Safety Research and Tips