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The perfect prank can be memorable for years to come. Whether you're at camp, college or just having a sleepover, pranks can and do happen. Get the jump on the prank war by knowing safe pranks and practical jokes that you can play on your friends. While pranks are a lot of fun, it is important to acknowledge the consequences before playing them.

The Fun of Pulling Pranks

Pranks don't just happen on April Fool's Day, while this is a big one, you can pull a prank at any time. You might try a safe car prank on your mom when she is driving or you might choose to play a harmless practical joke on one of your friends.

Pranks to Avoid

No matter the occasion, pranks that you play should be harmless and not malicious. You don't want to play an evil prank that might hurt or embarrass your friends. Playing sleeping pranks can also be a bad idea since the person might not realize that the prank is coming. No matter what, the point of the practical joke is to keep it fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

When and Where to Prank Friends and Family

You don't need an occasion to prank your friends or family, especially when you find yourself in optimal conditions to pull off the perfect prank. Not only that but pranking is just part of the experience. And remember most of these pranks can work at home or at a friend's house too.

Almost Anytime, Nearly Anywhere

As long as you pick a clean practical joke, you can pull it off in a multitude of places and at various times. Remember to consider not only the person you're pranking but also anyone who may hear or see the joke. It should be an appropriate time and place, as well as the right person to joke around with in this manner.

Camping Pranks

Don't let the other campers win the prank war by being low on ideas. Try out a few safe camp pranks like post-it attack or even dress up time. There are even pranks that are specific to church camp.

Dorm Pranks

Dorm life getting boring. Try a few dorm pranks for the bathroom or by using strange noises. In addition to learning ideas like gelatin shower head and drawing a mustache, you'll learn a few guidelines to keep your pranking fun and good-natured.

Pranks for Coworkers and Adults

Pranks don't end with your friends in high school or college, or once you reach a certain age. Adults and even coworkers often get in on the pranking. Learn a few good pranks that you can play like adding a little salt to a water bottle or the sticky pen cap. Harmless pranking and practical joking fun can really enhance your time at work and with friends. Just remember to choose victims that will enjoy the prank rather than fire you or get upset.

It's All About Having Fun

Whether you're 7, 17 or 27, pranks are a harmless way to have fun with your friends. Not only that but these can turn into traditions and memories that last a lifetime. Pull off the perfect prank by trying out one of these ideas for yourself.

Safe Pranks and Practical Jokes