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Internet Safety Facts

Using the Internet can be fun and convenient. Social networking sites make it easy to connect with friends and family members, and online banking services make it simple to keep up with paying bills and checking account balances. However, there are real risks associated with Internet usage, ranging from the potential for identity theft to cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying. This category is a reliable resource for people who want to keep up with important Internet safety facts so they can protect themselves, their family members and their places of business.

Family Safety Considerations

Internet safety is something that everyone in your family needs to be aware of. Surfing the Internet poses very real safety risks for kids, teenagers and adults. While the types of dangers faced by students who primarily engage in school activities and socializing online may be different than those faced by heads of household who deal with online banking, it's essential that all Internet users take these risks seriously.

From taking steps to keep your computer system safe from hackers and viruses to making sure that everyone in your household practices proper personal Internet safety, taking measures to keep your family safe online is critical.

Teaching Internet Safety

Proper education is an important aspect of developing safe online habits. Parents and teachers are well-served to keep in mind that young people are likely to find ways to get online when there aren't adults around to protect them. It's not realistic to simply tell kids to avoid unsupervised usage and expect that to be sufficient - educating them is the key to protecting them.

Internet safety games can be a great tool for teaching youngsters how to recognize and avoid risks and when to notify an adult that something isn't quite right. It's also important to teach kids and adults alike why Internet safety is such an important topic.

Knowledge Is Power

Being online doesn't have mean you aren't safe. By following a few safety measures, you and your family can have countless hours playing games, emailing or networking with others via the Internet. That's why it's important to have access to a trusted resource for well-researched articles and information like LoveToKnow Safety. When you want to add to your knowledge base about how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, just visit this website. Content is being updated and added by our expert writers and editors, so you'll likely find new helpful information each time you come back.

Internet Safety Facts