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Article Highlight: Plastic Water Bottle Safety Tips

There has been a lot of controversy when it comes to using plastic water bottles. Because so many people drink from plastic water bottles on a daily basis it is important to understand how to use them safely. Keep reading »

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food safety

Food safety -- it's in the news almost every day and definitely a topic of conversation no matter where you go. That's because everyone wants to eat foods that are safe -- whether it's the meat and dairy from the grocery store, the fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market or the takeout from the corner deli. Unfortunately, nowadays, you can't be too safe when it comes to food consumption. Some of the more common dangers you can encounter from unsafe foods include:

  • E coli in fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products
  • Under-pasteurization
  • Salmonella contamination
  • Genetically-engineered products
  • Food that has not been properly refrigerated or cooked

Keeping the Food You Eat Safe

At LoveToKnow Food Safety, we will give you some ideas on understanding the various aspects of food safety including:

  • Outdoor grilling
  • Dangers in food additives
  • How to make sure the fast food you are eating isn't hazardous to your health
  • Food safety laws in various states
  • Keeping your food safe in the microwave
  • Dangers of under- or over-cooking food

Processed Food Hazards

Now that you know how to keep your fresh foods safe, what about all of those processed foods in your pantry or refrigerator? Chances are there are additives in them you didn't even know about (or maybe don't want to know?). Some of these "hidden" dangers include:

  • Trans-fats or other food additives
  • Possibility of foreign objects such as glass or plastic
  • Many types of contamination
Food Safety