Safety Poster for Electricity

Mary Gormandy White
Don't Take Chances with Electricity
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Whether you're trying to teach electrical safety concepts or you just want to provide safety reminders in your home, office or classroom, posters can be a helpful tool. Use the two printable posters provided here and utilize the additional resources to find more great visuals to help keep you - and those around you - focused on staying safe.

Free Printable Posters

There are printable 8 1/2" X 11" posters attached to both of the images in this article, both of which are free to download and use. The first poster highlights five key points of electricity safety and the second one illustrates common home hazards to avoid.


To access the poster of your choice, simply click the image. When you do, the document will open as a PDF file in a separate browser window. If you need help downloading the posters, check out these helpful tips.


There are two options for printing these posters. Once you have opened the poster that you want to print:

  • Right click your mouse anywhere on the poster document that you want to print. When the menu appears, move your cursor to the "Print" command and click.
  • If you prefer, simply place your mouse toward the bottom center of the live area of your screen and a toolbar will appear. Click the printer icon in the toolbar.

Note that the posters will look best printed in color.


You can save these posters to your hard drive or an external storage device. Start by opening the poster you want to save, then:

  • Go to the File menu in your browser and choose "Save Page As." Assign a file name and navigate to the location where you want to save the document, then click "Save."
  • If you prefer, place your mouse toward the bottom center of the live area of your screen. One of the icons on the toolbar that appears is a diskette. Click it to save the file.

Five Additional Poster Resources

There are a number of other websites where you can download and print no-cost safety posters. Five of the best resources include:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Visit the OSHA publications page for a variety of free electricity safety fact sheets in downloadable poster format. The page is organized in alphabetical order by topic. When you reach "E" in the index, you'll see several electricity-related posters to download, including controlling electrical hazards, electrical wires, cable trays, working safely with electricity and more. OSHA's posters are designed for workplace use.
  • Sparklebox: This UK-based website provides several free downloadable safety posters, each one focused on a single electricity safety concept. Topics covered include electrical sockets, hair dryer usage, wire pulling and power lines. They are appropriate for home and office use.
  • New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF): This free poster from the NYSIF highlights the importance of avoiding overloading electrical sockets. Its message clearly reminds viewers that any plug situations that don't appear to be safe are likely hazardous. This poster is well-suited for both home and office use.
  • Electrical Safety Coalition: This site is a workplace safety resource for electrical workers. There are five free posters available to download, each focused on the dangers of performing live electrical work and the importance of avoiding such situations. You can also contact the organization to request pre-printed poster at no cost.

Getting the Point Across

You can't be too careful when it comes to electrical safety. Hanging posters in high-risk areas is a great way to keep people focused on following safe usage practices at all times. With so many visual resources available at no cost, you can keep a few posters on display at all times. Rotate posters regularly, to keep people's attention and provide reinforcement for a number of concepts.

Safety Poster for Electricity