Safety Jokes

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Safety jokes may bring a smile to your face or make you laugh out loud, but at the same time they are an effective way to reinforce safety practices, procedures and rules.

Jokes About Safety

The Internet is a wonderful source of jokes about safety in the workplace, at school, on an airplane and just about any other scenario you can imagine. The jokes are excellent ways to encourage work habits that are safe and to teach the dangers that exist when safety issues are not handled properly.

Jokes about safety come in many formats such as cartoons, captions, posters and written words. They can be displayed on bulletin boards, walls and handout literature. Jokes can be interjected in speeches and presentations regarding safety in the workplace or schools.

Grantland Enterprises: Safety Cartoons, Posters and Illustrations

Grantland, an Internet company that has been in business for over twenty years, focuses on cartoons for businesses of all types. They have more than 3,000 cartoons in their archives; many are aimed at various types of workplace and office safety situations and issues. The company will even customize an existing cartoon by modifying the words to a specific name, company or industry.

The following are several cartoons from Grantland illustrating safety issues using jokes and humor.

Grantland also offers safety cartoons in sets that cover topics of general safety including:

  • Driving
  • Lifting
  • Protective eye gear
  • Protective head gear
  • Slipping and tripping
  • Office safety
  • Using machines safely
  • Hearing safety
  • Ladder safety

There are three safety sets, each containing a series of 18 cartoons.

Workplace Safety Humor Websites

The following are a sampling of the many excellent websites that offer a variety of safety jokes.

  • Safety Joke Blogspot is full of jokes about safety professionals and the safety industry.
  • Aha Jokes thinks this sign may be taking workplace safety a bit too far.
  • The Business Library offers a large selection of safety jokes related to safety issues and various professions and industries.
  • Occupational Health Safety is a website full of occupational safety and health resources, including jokes and funny stories about safety in the workplace.
  • Safety Photo is a large collection of jokes and funny safety pictures.

Jokes Regarding Safety of a Specific Subject

More Safety Joke Resources

Kid friendly websites that offer a variety of jokes, practical jokes and silly fun including jokes concerning safety include:


Safety jokes are a unique and powerful way to send messages concerning safety issues using the very effective method of humor. The images and words often convey a fresh new approach about serious subjects and important issues, making them easy to understand.

Safety Jokes