Safe Camping Pranks

Good natured, safe camping pranks are always fun.

Safe camping pranks add a dimension of fun to any camping trip. Before you plan on playing any of these pranks, make sure that your "victims" will be good natured about the prank. These pranks are designed to be safe, but you need to make sure they are executed with everyone's safety and feelings in mind. Most of these pranks are geared toward kid's or teen's cabin camping, but they can be adapted for family trips and tent camping as well.

Safe Camping Pranks: Bed Pranks

There are a lot of safe pranks that you can use that involves a person's bedding. Here are a few to try:

The Out of Place Bed

While the counselor or camper you've selected is out of the cabin, take his or her mattress and bedding and move it to a different location. Place it out on the porch, in front of the mess hall or even on the swimming dock. Draw them a map to their "new" bed and leave it on the empty bed frame.

The Princess and the Pinecone

Place several pinecones at the bottom of the victim's sleeping bag. Watch them leap with fright when they stick their toes in at night.

Short Sheeting

This classic prank works well if you are at a camp where everyone has sheets. Simply fold the top sheet in half and watch as your mark tries to stick his or her feet in bed with no success.

Sleeping Pranks

These pranks can be used to trick individual campers or a counselor while they are sleeping.

Bed Bugs

Bring some plastic bugs, spiders and other creepy toys to camp. While the victim is sleeping, lay all of the items over the top of their sleeping bag, or even inside of the bag if you manage it. When the person rolls over or wakes up in the morning, watch as they scramble to get out of the "infestation."

Post It Attack

While your victim is sleeping, cover their entire sleeping bag top with Post-It notes. You can also do the same thing while the person is away and cover their pillow and the inside of the sleeping bag.

Widespread Pranks

These pranks can be done to trick another cabin or the entire camp.

Bird Alarm Clock

If your cabin plans on playing a prank against another cabin, try this one on for size. Spread bread crumbs over the top of the cabin and the other campers will be greeted to a rude awakening from birds the next morning. Ask the kitchen staff for bread crumbs, or use some crackers from the general store.

Dining Hall Disaster

For this, you'll need a large group. Sneak into the dining hall and turn all of the tables upside down. Hide the chairs outside and remove the utensils. When everyone come inside to eat breakfast, they'll be in for a big surprise!


Before you leave for camp, get a large used can and drill a hole through the bottom. String a piece of thick cotton rope through the hole and knot it on one end. Pull the rope tight and then use a small ring or other hard object to run down the rope. It will make a loud, animal-like noise through the can end. Bring this contraption along with you to camp to wake up the whole camp.

Crop Circles

If your camp has a large meadow, you can create a crop circle to prank the entire camping area. Use a 2" x 4" piece of wood with a large loop of rope attached. Make sure you can put one foot on the board and be able to hold the top of the loop at the same time. Coordinate with other people to make a large sized pattern in a short amount of time.

Safe Camping Pranks