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Injuries occurring in the workplace can cost significant financial losses. Because of this, safety is a major concern in all workplaces. Decorating workplaces with free safety posters is a good way to reinforce safe work practices.

Posters for Workplace Safety

Displaying safety posters in places of business is an excellent way of promoting safety standards to employees regarding safe practices in the workplace. There are free posters available that cover all types of safety issues in various industries and businesses.

New York Insurance Fund offers free posters that cover many safety issues. These 8 ½" by 11" posters are are available to print in color or black and white. There are more then 40 posters, each promoting a specific safe work practice. The following topics are covered:

  • Forklift operation and safety issues
  • Ladder safety
  • Using hand trucks for handling material
  1. Office safety
  2. Power tool
  3. The dangers of horseplay in the workplace
  4. Head protection
  5. Eye
  6. General safety issues construction workers
  7. Electrical safety
  • Safety is kitchen and food service
  • Safety lifting and carrying
  • Safety issues in health care
  • Trucking issues

Free downloads of safety posters are also available from:

  • Printshop 101 offers 6 free workplace safety posters. These posters, which can be downloaded to your computer, cover fire safety, proper use of ladders, injuries that can arise from horseplay in the workplace and properly lifting heavy objects. OSHA safety poster, publication number 3165, is available in English or Spanish and is entitled Job Safety and Health: It's the Law. Additional posters are available from OSHA on various workplace issues. This poster notifies employees of their rights regarding their safety as well as their obligations. Say It offers downloadable safety posters that in are both English and Spanish. These posters discuss notifying supervisors of problems, asking for help and wearing hard hats in required areas.

Child Safety

Some websites offer safety posters directed towards children. Topics of these posters include personal safety, fire safety and bullying; they are appropriate for use in schools, settings, sports and recreational centers.

  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children offers a poster titled "Knowing rules for safety", which focuses on teaching children about strangers. The Keep Your Child Safety organization, which is sponsored by the Children's Fund, offers free posters about fire, dog and car safety. The Traffic Safety Marketing Group offers multiple different free safety posters about car use. The Consumer Protection Commission offers free posters regarding childcare center safety concerns, while the Center for Disease Control offers several posters concerning drug overdoses, teen s, concussions and preventing violence.

Using Posters

Free safety posters are valuable resources that help to reduce injuries in the workplace, keep children safe and provide needed safety instructions in times of emergencies.

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